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     Knock Out Rules

Knock Out Rules & Conditions – 2013 Season

1) The 1st round of matches and the semi-finals will be played as per the draw.  The final will be held at a neutral venue, which will be announced after the Semi-final opponents are known.

2)  Each Club will field a team of 7 players which may include a professional affiliated to the club, be it that they are the club professional or their assistant or are formally “attached”.

3)  Play will be in standard singles match-play format, the winner earning a point for his team.

4) All matches will be over 18 holes only and will not be played out to a win. If, after 18 holes the match is tied, each player scores a half point for his team.

5) All matches will be played off scratch, but players may be played in any order except that the club professionals will play against each other.

6) In the event of a team tie i.e. 3.5 – 3.5, each teams’ number 7 golfers will play-off against each other in sudden death, from the 1st hole onwards, until there is a winner. The winner being the player winning a hole outright.

7) Any disputes should be referred to the Committee, whose decision shall be final.

KO Winners
• The team scoring the most points in the final. In the case of a tie, the play-off rules from round 1 will apply.

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